Elisabeth Lentsch is working as a post-doc researcher in the Horizon 2020 Project "The choice for Europe since Maastricht" since July 2015.

She investigates the development of the legal framework of the European Economic and Monetary Union as laid down in the Treaties since Maastricht. Further, she assesses the legal feasibility of economic and integration reform scenarios against the backdrop of EU law. She is engaged together with Prof. Griller in coordinating the national experts, when dealing with fiscal and economic integration against the background of constitutional law in the member states.

Zdenek Kudrna and Elisabeth Lentsch (2019). Constitutional Amendment Index: the procedural requirements of an EMU- induced constitutional change in EU member states.
Elisabeth Lentsch (2019). Report on impact of EU law and CJEU‘s jurisdiction on Member States‘ preferences towards fiscal and economic integration. EMU Choices Working Paper.
Who is afraid of Treaty reforms? Policy brief #2 by Elisabeth Lentsch and Stefan Griller
Legal feasibility: Lentsch, Elisabeth (2018) Report on the compatibility of reform scenarios with the EU Treaties
Legal feasibility: Lentsch, Elisabeth (2017) Report on the institutional consequences of fiscal and economic integration measures