News 01/10/2019
Special issue of Political Studies Review
The articles from the special issue of Political Studies Review are available online.
News 03/07/2019
Have Austria, Germany and the Netherlands impeded Eurozone reforms? Updated policy blog at LSE European Public policy site.
News 22/06/2019
Dahrendorf Forum London: Is Eurozone safe now?
News 28/05/2019
PolicyBrief #2 quoted by the Think Tank Review of the Council's library
News 11/05/2019
Austrian Society on European Politics published a German mutation of the PolicyBrief on Treaty Reforms
News 07/05/2019
European Economic and Social Committee: summary of our final conference
News 06/05/2019
Final conference in Brussels: presentations
News 03/05/2019
Policy Brief # 3 EMU reforms at the mercy of the economic cycle?
News 10/04/2019
EMU Choices final conference: May 6, 2019 at CEPS in Brussels
News 10/04/2019
Project Repository Journal article summarizing some findings from EMU Choices project
News 10/04/2019
EMU Choices workshop at ECPR Joint sessions
News 09/04/2019
New academic article by Leonardo Morlino and Cecilia Sottilotta published in South European Society and Politics
News 11/03/2019
Special issue of European Union Politics based on EMU Positions data
News 24/02/2019
Who is afraid of Treaty reforms? Policy brief #2 by Elisabeth Lentsch and Stefan Griller
News 12/02/2019
Mapping the conflict between EU member states over reform of the Eurozone
News 17/12/2018
EMU Positions Dataset
News 06/12/2018
Franco-German cooperation and the rescuing of the Eurozone
News 03/12/2018
Germany did not dictate EMU reforms
Events 29/11/2018
Call for Papers: ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops
News 29/11/2018
Reforming the Eurozone: Analyzing Member-State Preferences
News 27/11/2018
Cracking EU Decision-Making: Open Controversies, Remaining Puzzles, and Novel Empirical Strategies
News 12/11/2018
Horizon 2020 workshop at the University of Basel
Events 12/11/2018
Small States in the EMU: David versus Goliath?
Events 12/11/2018
The Autumn School of European Integration in Brno
News 12/11/2018
Hardiman, N. and Metinsoy, S. (2018). Power, ideas, and national preferences: Ireland and the FTT. Journal of European Public Policy.
News 01/10/2018
The annual EMU Choices conference successfully completed
Events 24/08/2018
Workshop 4 of the Legal Team in Örebro
News 22/08/2018
Special issue accepted by European Union Politics
Events 22/08/2018
Annual EMU Choices conference in Stockholm
News 22/08/2018
Call for papers on EMU reforms for ECPR joint sessions 2019
News 12/07/2018
Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association
News 12/07/2018
Presentation night in Basel
News 13/06/2018
EMU Choices panel at Sciences Po conference in Paris
Events 23/05/2018
SCEUS Workshop 8: A European Finance Minister, parliamentary control and the ECB's role in EMU and EMU reforms
Events 10/05/2018
SCEUS workshop 7: The financing side of EMU reforms: an economic and legal view
Events 06/04/2018
SCEUS workshop 6: macro-economic stabilisation mechanisms for the Eurozone
Events 06/04/2018
SCEUS Workshop 5: A state resolvency mechanism for the Eurozone
News 22/03/2018
SCEUS Workshop 4: Institutional and legal aspects of the Banking Union
News 20/03/2018
SCEUS Workshop 3: Macron's ambitions for the EMU and the French constitution
News 01/03/2018
SCEUS Workshop 2 - How to deal with unsustainable sovereign debts in the EU?
Events 22/02/2018
SCEUS Workshop 1 – Incorporation of the TSCG into EU law and reforms of the Stability and Growth Pact
News 30/01/2018
One Crisis, many Perspectives: Understanding the Politics of the Eurozone Crisis
News 21/11/2017
Austrian Central Bank conference
Events 24/10/2017
SCEUS Workshop: An economic evaluation of EMU reform proposals
News 10/10/2017
EMU Choices Working Papers Series - New Publications
News 05/10/2017
FIRSTRUN Horizon 2020 project conference
Events 29/09/2017
“EMU Choices” – Mid-Term Conference in Rome (July 2017)
News 31/08/2017
3rd Legal workshop September 18-20, 2017 Lisbon, Portugal
News 20/08/2017
European Forum Alpbach
News 30/06/2017
In the Maelstrom of Crises conference
News 27/06/2017
Searching for EMU Reform Consensus: European Policy Brief #1
Events 08/05/2017
"EMU Choices" - Mid-Term Conference in Rome
News 14/04/2017
#IstandwithCEU - We support CEU's right to academic freedom
News 09/03/2017
Fairtax Horizon 2020 project conference
Events 16/02/2017
Policy Brief with Commissioner Pierre Moscovici on the Future of the EMU
News 28/01/2017
The Euro-Crisis and the Future of EMU
News 14/11/2016
3rd Executive Committee Meeting November, 14, 2016
Workshop 29/08/2016
2nd Legal workshop
September 19-20, 2016
Aix-en-Provence, France
News 16/07/2016
Working-paper presentation
July 15-16, 2016
Kaiserslautern, Germany
News 19/06/2016
Working-paper presentation
June 16-18, 2016
Trento, Italy
News 16/02/2016
2nd Meeting of the Research Committee
February 15, 2016
Zurich, Switzerland
News 04/11/2015
1st Legal workshop
November 3-4, 2015
Salzburg, Austria
News 01/11/2015
2nd Executive Committee Meeting
October 30, 2015
Vienna, Austria
News 04/07/2015
Kick-off Meeting
July 2-3, 2015
Salzburg, Austria