The journal “European Union Politics” has published s a complete special issue based on the analysis of the EMU Positions data.

The issue is available at:

The special issue contains the following articles:

  1. Analysing European Union decision-making during the Eurozone crisis with new data: Fabio Wasserfallen, Dirk Leuffen, Zdenek Kudrna, Hanno Degner:
  2. Explaining governmental preferences on Economic and Monetary Union Reform: Silvana Tarlea, Stefanie Bailer, Hanno Degner, Lisa M Dellmuth, Dirk Leuffen, Magnus Lundgren, Jonas Tallberg and Fabio Wasserfallen
  3. Political conflict in the reform of the Eurozone: Thomas Lehner and Fabio Wasserfallen
  4. Bargaining success in the reform of the Eurozone: Magnus Lundgren, Stefanie Bailer, Lisa M Dellmuth, Jonas Tallberg and Silvana Tarlea
  5. Franco-German cooperation and the rescuing of the Eurozone: Hanno Degner and Dirk Leuffen
  6. Crisis bargaining in the European Union: Formal rules or market pressure? Daniel Finke and Stefanie Bailer
  7. Analyzing inter-state negotiations in the Eurozone crisis and beyond: Jeffry Frieden and Stefanie Walter


The underlying EMUp dataset can be explored interactively: