Jakob Redl and Zdenek Kudrna

This paper analyzes the member state positions on fiscal integration and economic governance through the ten ‘European moments’, including all Intergovernmental Conferences (IGCs) and the reforms of Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) between 1990 and 2015. The analysis identifies member states that have joined the transnational debate by expressing explicit policy positions and evaluates the consistency of their positions on related issues over time. In addition it also maps the coalitions across the EU member states and their stability, while distinguishing between self-imposed constitutional moments (IGCs) and crisis-imposed moments (SGP reforms). The analysis tests the implicit assumption that all member governments fully participate in EU policy debates during the key ‘European moments’. Moreover, our findings also provide comparative benchmark for the evaluation of debates on fiscal and economic integration among other national and transnational actors in less formal arenas. The data for this paper are being collected by the Horizon 2020 funded research consortium.

The first draft of this working paper is available on request from authors.