Cecilia Emma Sottilotta is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Political Science of LUISS University, Rome.

She is also adjunct professor in political science and IR at the University of Calabria and at the American University of Rome. Her research interests span themes such as political risk (including security issues) in state-MNEs relations, trade, regionalism and development, and the current and future dynamics of European fiscal and monetary integration. In December 2013, she received her PhD in political theory from LUISS after defending a thesis entitled “Concept and Measurement of Political Risk: From Theory to Practice”. After an exchange study stay at the University of Reading (UK) and a traineeship at the Italian diplomatic mission to the WTO in Geneva, in 2008 she earned a master’s degree in international politics and diplomacy from the University of Padua. Immediately after, she was awarded a scholarship for the 42nd Master for Experts in Business Internationalization organized by the Italian Trade Commission (in Rome and New York City), which she attended between 2008 and 2010.