Conference Program 

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July 6th
14.00: Welcome Address:

Leonardo Morlino and Sonja Puntscher-Riekmann


14.10: Presentations of related research projects by

Ramona Coman

Martin Lodge

Markus Haverland

Stefanie Walter

15.00: Session I: The formation of national preferences on E(M)U policies

Chair: Leonardo Morlino

Discussant: Thomas Winzen

  1. Formation of national preferences on EU role in taxation: the case of Ireland (Niamh Hardiman and Saliha Metinsoy, UCD)
  2. National preference formation in the euro crisis, (Uwe Puetter and Robert Csehi, CEU)
  3. Are national parliaments the cure for the European legitimacy problem? A cautionary tale on the role of parliaments in the Eurozone crisis mechanisms (Sonja Puntscher Riekmann and Jakob Redl, University of Salzburg)

16.30: Coffee Break


16.45: Session II: The political economy of crisis-induced reforms 

Chair: Sonja Puntscher Riekmann

Discussant: Markus Haverland

  1. Courts as political actors: resistance to the EU’s new economic governance mechanisms at the domestic level (Clement Fontan and Sabine Saurugger, Sciences Po Grenoble, PACTE)
  2. Circumventing constraints by internalizing Troika oversight? Italy and the Euro crisis negotiations (Leonardo Morlino and Cecilia Sottilotta, LUISS)
  3. The Road To Brexit? Political Economy, the UK, EMU and the Eurozone Crisis (Hussein Kassim, UEA, Shaun Hargreaves Heap, Scott James and, KCL)

18.15: Coffee Break


18.30: Round table on the EMU reforms and Southern European policy


Keynote Speaker: Giuliano Amato

Leonardo Morlino (Chair)

Panos Tsakloglou

Angel Pascual-Ramsay

Paolo Guerrieri Paleotti

Jeffry Frieden

Fabio Franchino


20.15: Conference Dinner (LUISS Faculty restaurant)


July 7th
9.00: Welcome coffee

9.30: Session III: Preference formation and structure – insights from new data

Chair: Martin Lodge

Discussant: Jeffry Frieden

  1. Introduction of the new dataset on the member state policy positions and their formation during 2010-15 (team)
  2. Dimensions of Conflict and Coalitions (Fabio Wasserfallen and Thomas Lehner, USal)
  3. Preference formation: Test all structural and institutional variables as predictors of positions (team)

11.00: Coffee Break

11.15: Session IV: Bargaining over the EMU reforms

Chair: Fabio Wasserfallen

Discussant: Stefanie Walter

  1. Bargaining Success in the Eurocrisis (Stefanie Bailer and Silvana Tarlea, UBas, Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Magnus Lundgren, Jonas Tallberg, USto)
  2. Franco-German axis (Dirk Leuffen and Hanno Degner, UKon)
  3. Coalitions on EU fiscal integration: 1992 – 2015 (Zdenek Kudrna and Jakob Redl, USal)

12.45: Lunch: (LUISS Faculty restaurant)


14.00: Concluding session (Final decisions of ExCo, ReCo)


15.15: End

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